Thursday, 21 July 2016

Halvarssons Prince trousers review

Rather ashamedly, I had never heard of the Halvarssons, Lindstrands, Jofama family before I began working in the bike trade. For those who don't know, they're a Scandinavian company that make high quality, technical motorcycle and skii wear. However it didn't take me long to recognise the pure quality of their products.
Halvarssons Prince trousers
These trousers are completely waterproof and highly breathable thanks to Halvarssons' self-produced Dryway Plus membrane. I first used them on my 1300 mile round trip to the Scottish Highlands and back and when they claim they're waterproof - they really are. I was getting battered by the rain and remained completely dry the whole time and I didn't even use over trousers. When you initially buy them they have a Teflon coating too which helps them dry out quickly. The Teflon does begin to stop working after a bit but a simple bit of reproofing spray and it's back to normal (more on that later).

They come equipped with both fully adjustable knee and hip armour. The armour is CE approved and feels really substantial. Everybody has different shapes and sizes to their body, so by having adjustable armour it really makes these trousers cater for just about anyone. You also get a 360 degree connection zip for one of their jackets, a pair of braces are thrown in too and belt loops in case you choose to wear a belt instead.

Putting them to the test with 1300 miles through Scotland
They also come with a removable Outlast lining. Outlast technology was originally developed for NASA, using paraffin crystals that draw in your body's heat and store it until you need it when the temperature begins to drop. It basically regulates your body temperature and it really works. Using decent baselayers help to aid the Outlast if you really want to get the most out of it.

Comfort wise these trousers are second to none. The amount of treatment that they give to the outer textile material makes them really soft and comfortable. The best way to tell is to try on a pair of cheap £60 trousers and then whack these on straight after, at times you forget you're even wearing protective trousers. There is also an air vent on each thigh which have easy-to-use-whilst-riding tabs so there's no need to pull over and unzip all of your vents.

Another self-produced material that they use is HI-ART. This is a 'High Abrasion Resistant Textile' (hence the name). HI-ART is kind of similar to Kevlar in the aspect that it is used to bolster the strength of the outer textile. When combined with the outer material it can make textiles up to 500% stronger and leathers up to 250% stronger (when compared to the same designs without HI-ART). You will find HI-ART in all of the main impact areas of the trousers such as the knees, hips and bum. So you can rest assured that they're hitting high marks on safety too.

There's a leather panel on the backside to stop you sliding about in the seat which is pretty good. They also have a special wick at the hem of the trousers to stop water working it's way up the inside of the trousers.

'...It'll work anywhere'
With all great things you need to make sure you look after them to give them that lifespan. Halvarssons give a 2 year warranty on the product but there's no reason why these trousers can't last you much longer than that if you look after them well. From time to time you should give your trousers a good wash with some proper motorcycle textile cleaner and then reproof them afterwards. Don't use any normal deturgents as this can eat away at the waterproof membrane. They're fine to wash in the washing machine as long as you remove all armour and turn the machine off spin-dry. And remember, if things start to leak it's probably because they need a clean. Dirt and grime can clog up the pores in your membrane causing leaks - it's not a fault, just give them a clean.

Pricing is £299 which sounds a little steep but when you stand back and think of all of the technology in this pair of trousers it really is worth it. And when you compare it to competitors such as Rukka which is in a far higher price bracket, they start to look like a bit of a bargain. Buying cheap is a false economy; you'll be replacing them next year - if you buy decent gear, you'll get your money's worth.

I genuinely cannot think of anything bad to say about these trousers... I'm astounded. I'll be saving up for one of their jackets now... after I convince the missus.