Thursday, 20 March 2014

What's your dream bike garage?

Come on, we've all thought about it: "What would I do if I won the lottery..." is a question which is both exciting and thought provoking but also a bit of a kick in the balls - the fact it's not really going to happen.

Sweep skepticism aside for a moment and have a bit of fun. What would you fill your garage with? Sports or adventure? Old or new? Japanese or European?

Would it look like this? (picture courtesy of

Personally, I think I would have a bike which was there purely for road trips. Although I've never ridden one, I would love a Royal Enfield Classic T5 in battle green; slow, reliable and timeless, the bike would be loaded up with a few ammo boxes as panniers and a high level exhaust. With my love for V twins and classic sportsbikes, a Ducati 916 would be sat under a blanket - ready for those sunny days. I would have some heavily modified Victory Hammer with pipes that make your ears bleed and a back tyre wider than the Vicar of Dibley. A do-it-all bike, most likely a KTM 990SMT, a few more classics and a few more mad ones. And of course, I'd buy all of my old bikes back again - who wouldn't?

...or this? (courtesy of

As daft as that paragraph may seem, I think it's a good thing to have a dream bike garage of your own. Although it is reasonably unrealistic for most, it does give us good targets to reach for. Yes, you may never own a Ducati 916, r1200Gs and a Suzuki Kettle all at the same time - but maybe you could own one of them. Perhaps this dream bike garage makes us realise what bikes we really desire or maybe which types of bikes we crave for.

But if someone were to ask you "If you could have any single bike in the world what would you have?" that beautiful, two stroke triple Gt750 might not be top of your list anymore. The more 'real-world', modern, all rounder BMW may be the answer. Of course it might not be but it makes you think about what bike you actually want... or think you should have.

You may wish to own a 2014 'big bang' R1 and I can tell you; if you really want one, you'll have one, one day. Whether that's next year on finance, or in twenty years time when they're less than £1500. If you really want one, it's easily possible. You may have to skint yourself out, you may have to wait a couple of decades, but it will roll onto your driveway one day. Just keep the dreams alive.

Although, I will wish my best of luck to the poor git that dreams of an Nr750...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How did you get inspired to start biking?

Apologies for the massive delay between blogs recently. It's a bit tricky sometimes to get yourself motivated but I'm feeling inspired now so I'm back, with a new post revolved around inspiration. Now let me begin...

What inspired you to get your bike?

Was it seeing the local nutter on his crotch rocket race through the streets? Was it watching Ewan and Charley travel the world on them? Or was it to fulfill a commute cheaply?

When I was sixteen I was desperate to get my 50cc and any bike would do, I wouldn't care as long as it had an engine. I found my little Derbi on eBay and went all the way to Sussex to collect it. When we got back we discovered slightly bent bars, few battle scars from a slip the previous owner had and a horrible sumo wrestling sticker - but did I care?

It was a bike. It had wheels. An engine. A headlight. A reg plate. A tank. An exhaust. It was the real thing! Hours were spent sitting on it, dying to turn sixteen. Not before long, I hit sixteen and was off and away. So on and so forth.

It was meant to be... except for the paddington bear pyjamas.

My father has been a biker since I was about two years old and when you have grown up with countless evenings, sat on your dad's knee, scrolling through eBay looking at all the great, fast bikes on there. The occasional trips to the hairdressers where I would nag my dad to take me in  to the local motorbike dealer, just for a look at all these huge, powerful bikes. When I got a little bit older I began to read magazines over my dad's shoulder, my knowledge and thirst for more grew.

I remember times when I had just started middle school and I saw my Dad ready to pick me up at the gates. I remember the excitement as I saw the leather jacket and helmet. Over the moon, I swung my leg over the back seat and hung on tight. The noisy, spluttering V twin roared beneath us and we were off. All of my mates looking and pointing at us. It was fantastic, even if it only lasted a few minutes. They were jealous - and I was loving it.

The shadow... The bike that made me realise biking was for me

That bike was an 80s maroon Honda 1100 Shadow - a very rare bike. That has been one of my all time favourite motorcycles and I can tell you, it's purely because of that moment of feeling like the coolest kid around. A moment never to be forgotten.

Of course, after most of my life spent wishing to ride a motorbike and dreaming of being as cool as my Dad, I was hungry to get one as soon as I could. He was obviously my inspiration - how could he not inspire his son to want a bike? The cool racing leathers he wore, the sportsbikes, the classics, the cruisers, the tinted visors, the noise, the speed. It was all so much to desire.

What were your inspirations in getting your bike? Were they similar to mine? And were you glad they happened?

I wouldn't be sat in this chair, writing this blog to post on the internet if I hadn't been inspired by my father. There would be no YouTube channel. No trips. No S.L.A.P. And I really don't think I would be the same person at all.

Strange how things work out isn't it?